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Chaitanya Light Therapy™

Chaitanya is a Sanskrit word meaning “Consciousness” or “Spirit” It is the pure Consciousness or the cosmic intelligence.

Chaitanya Light Therapy™

is a new and unique form of healing.

It is a gentle and non invasive process to truly assist your physical and mental wellbeing through the subconscious and the Chakra system.

The chakras are subtle energy centres connected to the spine. There are 7 primary chakras which are the centre of consciousness. Each chakra has a role in balancing life-force energies that enter through the aura and converting them to an acceptable influence to the body. If any of these energies are of an adverse vibration they may create blocks in any of the chakras. These blockages affect our day to day life, our feelings and behaviour.

Chaitanya Light Therapy™ is designed to align the chakras, be aware of the blocks and release them to bring healing energy into your body through the use of colour, light, crystals and

Deep Trance Meditation designed and developed

by Joyce-Kay*.

 All on a custom made Chakra Bed.

This gentle loving healing experience will bring a feeling of “lightness" well being and peace into your life.

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