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Gift Vouchers

We have gift vouchers available for purchase; voucher amount is the choice of the customer at time of purchase.

Gift Vouchers can be used for any of our services or to purchase products from our shop. Purchaser of gift voucher needs to detail the name of the recipient & what the intended use of the voucher at time of purchase.

(i.e. if voucher is for a psychic reading this will be detailed on the voucher itself).

PLEASE NOTE: Any gift voucher that is still valid & has not been used prior to us closing (July 2023) will be automatically transferred to an Online Reading with Joyce-Kay.  

We offer gift vouchers for Online Readings only (April 2023) 

that can be purchased online:

Gift Voucher amounts can be purchased up to $130.00


Gift Vouchers for Psychic Readings are for online appointments with Joyce-Kay.

Gift Voucher expiry dates:

Vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of purchase.

Gift Vouchers are to be presented at time customer is wanting to redeem them.

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